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K1 double date 👫👫 @neilvegetadang @genevievenguyenn @mylenemontoya
@timbahwolffff spittin’ straight wisdom. Probably the best advice laid out so simple. 👌
Within the past two years I have “bro” prepped, “bro” bulked, cut with iifym, and bulked with iifym. I’ve experimented with various workout splits, training styles, powerlifting programming and busted many myths along the way through personal experience and trial and error. I’ve had a lot of help and inspiration from great people and friends such as @theonlinecoach, @josh__robbins, @neilvegetadang, @jameslhi, @arquefitness, @erikrmara, @evlacro808, @bodiesbytim as well as many others whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The biggest thing I’ve gained by far is knowledge and a greater understanding of myself both mentally and physically. What’s important and a big piece of advice I’d like to share with others is to understand realistic time frames for specific goals ie bulking, cutting and strength progression. The body can only produce so much so fast. That being said, the rate that you may see others progressing at, may be unrealistic for you. Set realistic goals and time frames, research and experiment with how you want to approach that goal, and commit to it throughout the entire set time frame. IMO you can read and receive all the advice in the world, but you won’t fully understand how or why it works until you apply it and experience it yourself.
These are the people you need to train with 💯
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