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I’m very proud of my client @sky_oneup for placing 2nd at his very first #npc #mensphysique competition! His entire prep was based purely on the principles of #flexibledieting, without any water or carb depletion whatsoever. During those 12 weeks I educated him on the subject of diet and how/when/why to track and make adjustments to macros. He was provided updated nutrition plans, training recommendations, consistent check-ins and posing practice once per week. Overall I’m happy for his success and believe he can go further in this sport. Way to put it down for the #natural athletes Skyler! 💪🏆 For inqueries, or even advice towards entering a competition or gaining/losing weight in general, send a DM or email to
Finally throwing these bad boys on ✌️#kw #clubsport #s2000 #s2ki #ap2
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Friend and first official client down 14 lbs, looking and feeling great three weeks out from his first #npc #mensphysique competition! 💪 @sky_oneup
Red is racing ! @that911
Attacking time with my boys 🏁 Fancy photo by @benchinapark
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